I Have Prevailed From Writer’s/Artist’s Block

Okay I swear, getting back to blogging has helped my writer and artist’s block. BLOGGING HAS LIFTED MY CURSE. It’s amazing. I am going to keep this up. Since my dad prompted me to start writing again I have filled out 5 sketchbook pages, created two pencil portraits, and started conceptualizing some areas for a book/manga. I had 4 wonderful dreams that kick-started each morning I’ve had since then.

I have a theory about why this happened. There was quite a literal “block” in the stream of creativity that I have in my brain. I have been reading and scrolling through endless streams of different kinds of media, and found so many things that I compared to my work. Questions and phrases such as: Why am I so bad compared to these people? Why do I suck? I’m terrible compared to this. I had so many ideas in my stream of creativity, and I kept comparing myself to people, so they never had the chance to bloom.

After being prompted to write out something that nobody really reads or expects amazing quality out of, I started writing and pouring all of my ideas out into long-ass posts. This sudden “pouring out” of ideas was a torrent of creativity pushed the “block” out of the way and I started to create things again.

(This is so convoluted and random and (and I just used “and” three times) just, I need to write this out before I get back to making stuff.)


Signing off,


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