Goodbye July, Hello August

I have this feeling that I have to make a post that highlight the, well, HIGHLIGHTS of July, and the many expectations I have for August. Without further ado, (and in no particular order) here are the highlights of July.

  • I started my job! Second one really, but the other one seems more like a chore-ish type job.
  • I resigned from my initial summer job as a summer camp counsellor! Why? Because I have to stay at Nagoya!
  • I read through each and every single Sherlock Holmes story, properly. (I might tell the story of why I put a “properly” there some other time.)
  • I mastered drawing Jacksepticeye! If that isn’t a summer break accomplishment then you don’t know me at all.
  • I got back into cartoons!
  • I re-watched BBC Sherlock for the 150th time!
  • I saw the so-called “blue moon”! (Which wasn’t blue, just the second full moon in July. Still really cool though. And oddly enough coinciding with Life is Strange’s double moon thing. Conspiracy at work here?! Nah, I’m kidding,)

And those were the highlights for July. My year two teacher would be so disappointed in me, I started all of my sentences with “I”. On to hopes for August!

  • Two of my best friend’s birthdays!
  • Festivals! Fireworks! Fun! (You see what I did there? 3 F’s. Just gonna leave that in.)
  • School! Because I hate not being able to exercise my brain. That’s it. (Oh and friends, yeah. :P)

That’s it. Wow, I initially had so much hope for this post. :/

Signing off,


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